in SOLO – in DUO – in TRIO – in QUARTET – in QUINTET – with ORCHESTRA

    Masterclass / Concert

    The Electro Libre project can be unfolded in two parts. A masterclass focusing on percussion, digital tools, and a solo concert.

    Young audience show

    The young audience show comprises several components: Acoustic percussion instruments (Vibraphone, Drums, accessories...), MIDI controllers, real-time loop manipulation, and beatboxing.

    EN DUO

    in SOLO – in DUO – in TRIO – in QUARTET – in QUINTET – with ORCHESTRA

    Over the past 50 years, percussion has enjoyed an extraordinary boom in the world of music. The great contemporary composers Boulez, Messiaen and Varèse have integrated them as orchestral solo instruments. In this way, they advanced their writing, instrumental construction and percussion playing. Other musical styles have seen the role of percussion grow, such as jazz, where the drums, an indispensable rhythmic element, have become the leader in many formations, and the vibraphone has taken its place alongside the piano.

    Among the architects of this evolution are Daniel Humair, Peter Erskine, Milt Jackson and Mike Mainieri. Vibraphone, marimba, drums… these are PercuDuo’s weapons… and yet…

    Duo Cello/ Marimba

    The acoustic duo centered around the music of Bach gradually evolved to embrace amplified genres. A versatile ensemble, they welcome instruments such as drums and trombone. Improvisation and live looping are integral to their collective performance.


    in SOLO – in DUO – in TRIO – in QUARTET – in QUINTET – with ORCHESTRA

    From Bach to the improbable

    Dossier de présentation

    3 worlds: classical, contemporary, jazz,
    3 instruments: cello, marimba, drums,
    3 musicians: Cyrille Tricoire, Patrice Héral and Philippe Limoge meet around Johann Sebastian Bach.
    The cello suites will be the pretext for venturing into improvisation and personal compositions.
    The whole set is teleported to the 21st century in an electro environment!

    Explorers of digital tools (Ableton Live, Synthesizers, vocoder, Loopers, Multi-effects, Controller OSC….), Philippe Limoge, Patrice Héral and Jean-Luc Lehr play an original “cross-genre” repertoire. Their improvisations range from jazz and pop to minimalist styles…. and reuse sounds in the manner of musique concrète. The movement is futuristic, impressionistic and abstract in real time.
    MX4L(MAX for Live) powerful sound generation interface


    in SOLO – in DUO – in TRIO – in QUARTET – in QUINTET – with ORCHESTRA

    After 2 tours in Japan, the “Double duo” project continues its adventure with new transcriptions. As the composers point out, “percussion is never more to the fore than when accompanied”. The strings (violin/cello) bring depth and richness of timbre to the ensemble. Their often dramatic vibratos blend with vibraphone resonances and marimba attacks.

    The program is based on French and American music, which has already been the subject of two Percuduo albums (Acousticks and Amerikas) released by Polymnie. Original works for piano (Ravel, Debussy, Chabrier…) and musicals (Bernstein, Gershwin) will leave the performers free to surprise and delight you.


    in SOLO – in DUO – in TRIO – in QUARTET – in QUINTET – with ORCHESTRA

    Stick Machine

    Founded in 2017, Stick Machine was born out of a desire to showcase Percussion keyboards.
    Vibraphone and marimba converse, accompanied by a rhythm section (synthesizers, bass, drums).
    The “electro jazz” repertoire is inspired by minimalist or repetitive music (Philip Glass, Steve Reich) as well as jazz (John Zorn, Pat Metheny) and rock (Gong, F. Zappa).
    Music composed of asymmetrical bars, ostinatos and layers develops harmonies and sound colors that only percussion can offer.
    Its originality, its striking power…..
    An eclectic, electric band in which all instruments are amplified or sonorized, an eminently percussive ensemble with a powerful, multi-hued sound.
    Stick Machine ? is a group of five musicians from different backgrounds: Classical music, jazz, rock, free improvisation…
    Their desires? Combining Vibra and Marimba percussion with contemporary music and improvisation
    Their repertoire? Without borders, in perpetual motion….


    in SOLO – in DUO – in TRIO – in QUARTET – in QUINTET – with ORCHESTRA

    Accustomed to playing with string or symphonic orchestras, I offer to play my solo repertoire with orchestra or in the company of my trio (vibraphone, bass, drums)+ orchestra. Orchestra equipment on request.