Percuduo et Andy Emler “Hopen air” 2016 – Percuduo “Amérikas” 2015 – Percuduo “Acousticks” 2010 – Octobone 2 M. Becquet 2007 – Octobone M. Becquet 2005 – Philippe Limoge « Magic Vibes » 2005 – Duo Gakou « JAWS » septembre 2002 – Jean- Pierre Llabador « El bobo » 2001


    Duo Gakou

    September 2002

    GAKOU” is a duo of two percussionists who teach at the Perpignan and Montpellier Conservatoires.

    They exploit the full potential of percussion instruments through a repertoire ranging from improvisation and musical theater to classical transcriptions and contemporary creations.


    African songs by Emmanuel Séjourné
    Double Happiness by Anders Koppel
    La festa per due by Nicolas Martynciow
    Three Transformations by Andrew Thomas
    The groove that grew by Etienne Rolin(First performance, 1st recording )
    Marimba duet from Philippe Manoury’s libre des claviers
    Rained On by Gisèle Barreau

    This highly varied repertoire enables the duo to adapt to all concert situations, including classical concerts, open-air concerts, special events concerts and church concerts, with a repertoire of transcriptions of J.S. Bach, Mozart and Mendelssohn…
    “GAKOU also offers educational concerts in schools, where children learn about the different families of percussion instruments: skins, woods and metals. The fascinating world of percussion will take children into a world of surprising sounds, inviting them to engage in a curiosity that combines the visual, the tactile and the auditory.

    After 2 years of work, the “GAKOU” ensemble would like to perform more and make itself known to a wider audience. C.D. registration is therefore essential for the development and promotion of an ensemble.

    Magic Vibes

    Philippe Limoge


    With this album, I wanted to introduce you to some of the vibraphone repertoire, both solo and chamber music (saxophone, marimba, piano, djembe, tape). The Pieces are quite varied, but always on the borderline between jazz and contemporary music. This context also enabled me to integrate improvisation, particularly in Emmanuel Séjourné’s piece.




    “To order”


    This album revisits great piano works through transcriptions that respect the original music. ” Acousticks ” is an elegant fusion of the two main percussion keyboard instruments. From Ravel to Debussy, French music takes center stage. From Bach to Gershwin, we invite you to rediscover the repertoire. Original transcriptions!





    “To order”

    Combining the metallic, ethereal harmonies of the vibraphone with the deep, woody resonances of the marimba, PercuDuo, made up of Philippe Limoge and Damien Petitjean, wins the bet. After the more classical “Acousticks” section, devoted to transcriptions of piano works by the great composers Bach, Ravel, Chabrier, Debussy, Gershwin and Mendelssohn, “Amerikas!” takes to the open sea, with jazzy and Latin swing…

    Full article on musicologie.org

    Hopen air

    Percuduo et Andy Emler



    “To order”

    Hopen air

    Ludovic Florin’s column


    Doctor Beat

    Percussion Trio
    To Order

    The starting point of the piece is a reference to the “Doctor Beat” intelligent metronome often used by percussionists/drummers.

    Built on the principle of “phase shifting”, the piece produces a multi-channel sound in space. The 3 percussionists construct or de-construct the drum set and accessories (bass drum, hi hat, snare drum, toms, cymbals, etc.) to an ostinato reminiscent of the beat repeat of electronic music. These can sometimes be hypnotic. The dialogue is continuous and relayed by a multitude of timbres (sticks, skins, circles). The rhythms refer to the world of jazz-rock.

    The piece requires a good level of technique and a solid pulse…

    Doctor Beat


    Vibraphone solo piece released in 2021.
    To order
    Gospel and jazz provide the harmonic colors for a piece composed in the style of a Ballad.

    Miyabi Zakura

    Quatuor de Trombones released in 2021.
    "To order"
    Piece composed for the Miyabi ensemble on the theme of cherry trees(Sakura). It is built on harmonic (modal or jazz) and rhythmic variations. After a fanfare introduction, a walking bass stirs the leaves. The melodic line wanders between the different voices in a gospel and then rock style. Finally, the pentatonic mode takes us back to Sakura‘s origins. Traditionally, in springtime, the Japanese travel to admire the cherry blossoms, which are pampered in magnificent parks.

    De 5 à 6

    Composition for Body Percussion and Piano released in 2021.
    To order

    De 5 à 6

    Composition for Xylophone and Piano released in 2021.
    To order

    Orientation points

    Concerto for Percussion and Piano released in 2010.
    To order

    Lock it

    Concerto for Percussion and Piano released in 2015.
    To order